• Full Registration means your dog is pure bred and you have the option to register, as pure bred, any pup from your dog and another pure bred dog, of the same breed, that also has full registration.
    • Limited Registration means that you have a pure bred dog, but cannot register any offspring of that dog regardless of whether the other dog has full registration or not. You cannot show the dog in an AKC dog show as they are meant to evaluate breeding stock. Breeders give various reasons for not offering full registration and we leave the buyer to determine their validity.
    • Trained dogs will be selected from each litter and be house broken, kennel trained, trained for vehicle travel, and receive all core obedience training. All puppy’s visit the veterinarian and given treatment for bordetella, bronchi septic vaccine, and kennel cough good for one year. They will also receive Trifexis to prevent heart worm, intestinal worms, and fleas.

      If you purchase a pup and request training services there is a non-refundable deposit required at the time of purchase. This does not include their second, third, or fourth round of shots, which are the buyers responsibility and must be done by our authorized veterinarian.

    • Special training is available such as handicap assistance, turning on lights, fetching specific items, or many other tasks. Due to the nature of each trained task please contact us for pricing and to discuss your requirements.

    • All puppies will have their first shots, vaccinations, worming, health certificate from a veterinarian, and AVID TRACKING CHIP in their neck.  Please note your puppy will be ready for pick up after seven (7) weeks and we will notify you ahead of time so that you can make arrangements to do so.  Due to health requirements if you are unable to do so within four (4) days we are required to give them additional shots for boarding, and these shots will be an additional charge plus any applicable veterinarian fee, which is not included in the cost of the puppy.

  • Boarding, if necessary, will be billed to you at a daily rate, rates may be adjusted for holidays and vacation season and do not include vaccinations, for each day the puppy or trained dog is in our care past the first week (7 days).  Please be sure to make arrangements with us ahead of time, or be aware that payment for boarding will be required before you can take ownership.

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Breeding rights are available on all dogs as part of the Full Registration

** Personal checks will be cashed at 5 days old. There is a penalty fee for any returned checks **

 * Cost is subject to change due to third party cost fluctuations, seasonal dates, or other unexpected circumstances