Two puppies will be trained from every litter.  If you wish to call and reserve a particular sex or color, the cost will include all shots, computer tracking chip, and 2-3 weeks of training in addition to the standard 7 week period.  For more information please read the notes at the bottom of this page and contact us.

Black & Chocolate

We will have three (3) trained and started pups available around the end of May.  Born February 28th to Cedar and Remington, two (2) are black and one (1) is chocolate.  As we do with all trained pups, they are socialized from playing with pups from other litters, checked by the veterinarian, computer chipped, inoculated for kennel cough, and will have all shots including heart worm.

Contact us for a visit or to reserve one today!


Our trained dogs are…


  • House Associated

  • Obedience Trained

  • Kennel Trained

  • Trained for vehicle travel

  • Have their shots

  • Love everyone!


Image is example only and not the pups listed for sale.  Please contact us for a recent picture or to schedule a visit.

Image is example only and not the pups listed for sale.  Please contact us for a recent picture or to schedule a visit.


Note To Buyers

    • Training MUST be continued by you after taking delivery of the dog.  Pups listed on this page are trained and started when you take possession.  Due to their young age, failure to maintain the schedule they have been taught can confuse the animal causing them to revert to their natural born instincts. Please be aware that pups less than 3-1/2 months old should only stay in a crate at night for 4 hrs at a time or a kidney infection may occur.


  • Please understand that trained and started means that puppies in the house must stay outside for at least one (1) hour after they eat with no food or water, and for four (4) hours before they are put in a crate for the night.  If they bark to get out of the crate they can be taken outside, but must be put back into the crate for the night as soon as possible.



  • When you pick up your puppy please plan on spending at least one (1) hour with them at our facility to learn your puppy’s habits and disposition.  It is important that we transfer their feelings of safety and love from us to you to ensure a smooth transition into your home.  Please ask questions!  We are a firm believer that there are no stupid questions so do not be afraid to ask us anything regarding your new best friend.