Available Pups

All Colors!

Mother (Dam): My Baby Pearl
Father (Sire): Our Baby Remington
Comments: ALL Colors!!  This litter of all colors from Pearl and Remington was born in mid-November and will be ready for pick up on January 1st, call us soon to reserve your 2018 bundle of joy!  (276) 988-5725

Miniature Labs Are Here!

Mother (Dam):  My Baby Pearl
Father (Sire):  Our Baby Remington
Comments: We have a litter of very rare, miniature labs, that were born November 13th.  Males typically do not exceed 45 lbs at full adult weight and females are less than 40 lbs, but actual weight cannot be guaranteed.

The mothers weight is only 41 lbs!  There are only a few pups so we recommend calling ASAP if you are interested!  (276) 988-5725

Expected Pups

First time litter, colors will be a surprise!

Mother (Dam): Our Baby Pooh
Father (Sire): Our Baby Yukon
Comments: We are anxiously awaiting Pooh and Yukon’s first litter together in mid to late January 2018.  We do not know what colors will be available, very exciting!!  We can take requests, but no guarantees, or you can be surprised with us!

White & Yellow Pups Coming in January

Mother (Dam):  Our Baby Cedar
Father (Sire):
Comments: Cedar will be giving birth to a litter of white and yellow pups at the end of January.

Hurry to reserve!  (276) 988-5725